We had the great privilege of photographing one of the Washington area's best young models - Vita - to create some new images for this website. The tough part is selecting the best images - because it's almost impossible to take a bad picture of Vita. Here's a sneak peak at some of our first efforts.

They've Still Got it!

Taina and Tony want to pay tribute to some ladies who have come to us who understand a basic and important truth: Beauty is not the exclusive province of the young. Playfulness is not the exclusive province of the young. And neither is Just Plain Sexy. These ladies, in our 40 Something (Plus) gallery, have still got it. And fortunately for us, they want to celebrate it!

Decadent at Artists & Makers

Many thanks to Judith Olivia Heartsong, the Executive Director at Artists and Makers Studio in Rockville Md, who curated that arts community's Valentine's Day show Decadent - and included 15 of Tony's fine art nude and glamour images. 

Steve and Inna, our favorite couple (so far)

Many thanks to Inna and Steve, who came to ours studios this weekend for a couples shoot -- and who graciously are allowing us to share some of their images with you... They're our favorite couple so far. YOU could be next!

Inspiration for the Timid!

A lot of women are intrigued by the idea of a boudoir shoot, but they fear they're too timid to actually do it. Here's some sage advice from everybody's favorite good witch!

Bourbon Street: May 2, 2015

While Taina's been shooting in San Juan, Tony's been shooting for a client in New Orleans. He and his camera managed to make it to the French Quarter's Bourbon Street for a few hours - where he encountered street performers, boy go-go dancers, tattooed ladies, half-naked women posing for tips, bridal parades, tarot card readers, lots of great music and dancing, drag queen parades, 64-ounce beers and a LOT more. Check out our photo essay!

Here Comes the Bride!

It's a beautiful, intimate gift - a boudoir album of the bride, for the groom, presented on their wedding night. It's a great idea for any bride - no matter how long she's been married! Taina & Tony specialize in Bridal Boudoir. You can check out our work here.

Muchas Gracias, Mari!

Muchas Gracias to Mari for the great review she's given us on Facebook! Taina did a shoot with Mari and her husband in San Juan, and they loved the images and their album -- so much that Mari gave us this review, and she and her husband gave us permission to post some of their images, which you can see here.